LIVESTRONG Challenge - Austin, TX: Some photographs from the LIVESTRONG Austin event.
LIVESTRONG Challenge Philadelphia - Sunday: Sunday brought Ride Day! 2600 participants (1500 cyclists and 1100 runners/walkers) made the event a great success!
LIVESTRONG Challenge Philadelphia - Saturday: Saturday's activities included a ride from Valley Forge, lunch of Philly cheesesteak from Pudge's, a trip to the Village, and the pasta dinner.
LIVESTRONG Challenge Philadelphia - Friday: Friday evening there was a meeting of the CCC at Houlihan's.
2006 LAF LIVESTRONG Gala - : Numerous CCCers were at the Gala this year. Here are some photos from the event.
2006 LAF LIVESTRONG Day - May 17, 2006: Photos from the trip to LIVESTRONG Day in Washington, DC. Day of arrival, training day, and LIVESTRONG Day.
2005 Ride for the Roses - Sunday:
Ride Day!
2005 Ride for the Roses - Saturday:
Saturday found CCCers out for another ride, at the expo, at a great dinner at Threadgills, and all around town.
2005 Ride for the Roses - Friday:
Friday found CCCers at the Hyatt catching up, out for a ride, and out to celebrate their Peloton Project acievements!
2004 Ride for the Roses - Ride for the Roses:
It is finally time to ride!
2004 Ride for the Roses - CCC Dinner at Mezzaluna:
Saturday night, a large group of CCCers gathered at Mezzaluna for dinner, Davis Phinney was kind enough to join us.
2004 Ride for the Roses - Peloton Project Appreciation Dinner:
Friday night's events out at "the dump" outside of Austin - really!