CCC is a free support group designed for people who have beaten or are still fighting cancer - and also love cycling! If you fit the profile, we hope you'll join the team, and keep spinning...

- In this purely social and supportive setting, members are encouraged to discuss any and all issues related to cancer and/or cycling. This may be things like updates or questions on treatments, talking about any and all cancer issues, racing results, ride reports - whatever you want to discuss.

At the heart of this effort is CCC-NET, a free email service donated by
Gilles Frydman's Association of Cancer On-line Resources

Joining is easy:

If you setup a list-serve password, you can visit this page when you want to change settings, like suspending messages if you head out of town on vacation.

OR - If you prefer the email command method - just send an email to:

    Subject: leave blank (or put a dash, if subject is required)
    Message: subscribe CCC-NET Firstname Lastname

-- You will get a welcome message from CCC-NET soon after, confirming your subscription
   and telling you about using an email service.

*** The default is to get CCC-NET "as it happens", message by message (recommended), but if you would like to get the mail in a daily digest format, once you have subscribed send the following email command message:

Leaving is easy, too - but we hope you won't!
- but if you have to, just send a message to:

If you have any questions about this service,
please contact Will Swetnam at
- he is the group moderator for CCC-NET.

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