Bill J Widmann
Jefferson, Wisconsin


Single, 62 year old. Administrator for automotive dealer in Madison, WI. Love to read sci fi and general fiction. Fishing, flying kites, cycling, traveling and messing around with my border collie, Skip, are my main recreations. Follow NASCAR and F1. Planning trips to California this year and Tuscany and Provence in '08. Live in southcentral Wisconsin on the family farm.

Cancer Overview:

General Cancer Type: Prostate

Specific Cancer Type:

Treatment Summary:
Elevated PSA detected in late January, 07. Confirmed on 2nd blood test early March, 07. DRE found nodularities on one side on March 16, 07. Biopsy April 10, 07. One of four samples on left side scored at Gleason 6, 2% cancerous. 3or 4 samples on right side scored at Gleason 7(4+3), 20% cancerous. Call from Doctor on Friday the 13th confirming cancer. Open incision RP surgery now scheduled for Monday, May 14th.


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