Dan Hayden
Franklinville, New Jersey


34 years old. I work for Frito-Lay doing Route Sales. Married to my wife Tina, two kids Kayla 8, and Kyle 3. My hobbies are camping, nascar, hanging with friends and family, and riding my bike. Ride my bike everyday, do alot of group rides, and will be doing my second LiveStrong Challenge this year.

Cancer Overview:

General Cancer Type: Testicular Cancer

Specific Cancer Type: Mix germ cell tumor: Embryonal Carcinoma(70%) and Yolk sac tumor(30%)

Treatment Summary:
Orchiectomy on left side. Then found out cancer had spread to my Lymph nodes. Then had 32 Lynph nodes removed from Abdomen. Then 6 rounds of Chemotherapy. Now coming up March 2010 will be 2 years cancer free.


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