Allan - The Silverado Kid Thomson
Brisbane, Queensland


OLE SILVERADO just your average White MALE,raced Unlinited Hydroplanes 20 years, won Aust and State Titles, also raced Karts and won state titles, retired from active racing and ran tours to USA,Detroit,Evansville,Syracruse,LosVegas,San Diego,Seattle,Pearl Harbour and in Canada at Valleyfield and enjoyed every minute of it all also ran tours to Penang and Singapore and New Zealand and almost pulled of with them touring Australia with my company Australian Power Boat Action (Thunder on the Bay 1992) but the cost of $3 million stopped me but still have great Memories!
Was Married no Kids work for my own Building Company Modern Innovations Pty Ltd but not much fun at present with the Cancer thing hanging over you but life goes on and on we hope so now my hobby for the present is just riding my Mountain Bikes a Marida Dakkar and the Gary Fisher Hooch-E-Koochy but spend far too much time on the Computer worring about Cancer Remedies but as yet I havn't found a Cure, Bummer?

Cancer Overview:

General Cancer Type: Lymphoma - Non Hodgkins

Specific Cancer Type: Stage3-4, B Cell, Follicle

Treatment Summary:
Enter Hospital 28/2/01 for Femeral Hernia opperation walk out minus L/H Pelvic Lymph gland with Cancer, shock Horror! Have Bone Marrow Biopsy and Blood samples, Start Chemo (CVP+)23/3/01 have 4 Hits and no change, not working for me so start (FMD+)18/6/01, have infusion every 4 weeks next 16; 17; 18/7/01 and presently ongoing? Who Knows?


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